Saturday, 4 February 2012


yup love is a bit similar to this song fellows..... u have to do compromises and have to face many misunderstandings . but its not the solution to switch off your cell , not replying the text and reject the calls.
this stupidity can create a hell of misunderstandings which leads to a disaster . try to understand your partner.
this is a give and take relationship only take take or only give give  leads the relationship towards a breakup only....
what is love??? care , feelings , possessiveness , moral attachment , and many things which u can't explain in words are love........ these altogether are love ..... there is difference in attraction and love.... we have many attractions in our live but the love is only one.... for searching true love  you have to search alot .... its not true that u find your love at first turn ...... first try to understand the one who is your center of attraction if he /she meets your mental capability you should carry on ... otherwise don't make short term relationships which hurt others ..... and always set your limits and don't cross your boundaries as well the boundaries of your partner..... gave moral support to your partner, its not always compulsion for girls to give support its for both of them ......  don't try to play with the life of someone ... because if u do so .... remember that in future the past will repeat itself and then u can't have any control on it then... but u have control of your own present ..... MAY ALLAH KEEP HIS BLESSINGS ON ALL OF US ... AMEEN

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