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Topic: Ali  Moeen  Nawazish
Purpose :  To inform audience about 
Ali  Moeen  Nawazish
Attention Getter:
He simply enjoys learning. ‘The way I work is by spending ten minutes on one subject, then switching to another, then another. It’s a bit haphazard but it works.’
Introduction: Who is Ali Moeen Nawaziah !
·      A Pakistani student .
 Who is ali mooen nawazish?
Ali Moeen Nawazish-A Pakistani brilliant student - An 18-year old wiz-kid from Rawalpindi wanted to get into Cambridge, so he sat in seven A-Levels exams in just one year - and secured 22 A-grades, one B grade and a C!.The amazing and thought provoking thing is that he started to study some of the subjects only three days before the exam. Isn’t it looks crazy fellows!!! But…… he was determined to get some good grades. and he proves that nothing is impossible in the world.If we have passion for doing something we can do it at any cost.
§  A world record holder.
He made a world record in the Guinness Book of Records by getting 22A’s in seven A-Levels exams. He left the world in wonder.
§  A  youth ambassador in Pakistan
He is working as Geo and Jung youth ambassador in Pakistan. He is also a brand ambassador for the Pakistani telecommunications company Mobilink.

§  Role model for youth of Pakistan.
He is a role model for the youth of Pakistan because he is a responsible son, a brilliant student, a patriotic Pakistani and a practicing Muslim.

                   1.His  Life:
·      Education:
He studied at St Mary's Academy and Roots School System during his General Certificate of Education.

Ali’s incredible talent began to emerge only at the age of 15. He was a chubby boy and rather solitary and many of his early results were mediocre. He sometimes barely passed in examination.
He said: ‘Then one day it all clicked. I needed to prove to myself, and to others, that I could do it.’
At O-level:
He received nine A grades in his O Level.
And made world record in the age of 18 by receiving  22 As, a B, and a C in his seven Alevel exams.
Currently graduated in Politics, Psychology and Sociology Tripos from Trinity Hall, Cambridge.
·      Personal life.
Nawazish was born in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, and lived most of his life there. Both his parents work as doctors. He edited the school magazine. He plays the guitar and piano, plays cricket and table tennis and played for a musical band.
o  Personality
He as a person is an individual with all the best qualities which are necessary for being a good human being. He follows his rules which he sets to spend his life (which is a key to success).He never breaks the rules. He thinks positively and has a long term approach.
o  Ambitions
                     His main ambition is to work for Pakistan and just be a good human being.

·      Contribution in different fields of life.
Setup Pakistan social work, working on youth outreach in media through Geo and Jang. One of its subsidiaries is 'thealevelchallenge', which is a free website where students can ask academic-based questions and receive professional assistance. Other projects of the organization are aimed to train teachers, to improve education in the backward areas, to improve the country's curriculum and education system, and to carry out other humanitarian efforts. He has its own NGO working to empower youth through education..
 2. Achievement’s:
·      World Record
He made world record by getting 22A’s in Alevels in the year 2008.
·      Pride of Performance.
He gets pride of performance award in year 2009.
·      And many national and international awards.   
§  He is awarded with Nazriyati council Gold Medal, PMA Gold Medal, Agha Hassan Abedi Medal and……..upcoming Pakistani Star Award. He really deserves it…..

·      A man with high ambitions.
·      Role model for youth.
·      A bright star.
·      Really a Hero of Pakistan.
Memorable Statement:
"I truly am no one except for someone who tries never to give up."


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