Monday, 2 January 2012

FROM WHERE I START MY JOURNEY OF REAL LIFE... FOR WHAT A LIFE IS MEANT TO BE!!....... just give me your 5mins from your precious time and read it :))

There are many events in everyone’s life when you have the option to do right or wrong. The right option is difficult to fulfill but we can easily fulfill the wrong one because there will be more benefit for us in it and we don't have to work hard and in short time we will get more benefit in it. So most of us chose the wrong way of doing the work.
A very small story from my life but it always gives a very beautiful and self satisfaction feeling to me. Because it was a very first interaction of mine with my inner voice.

When I was in 9th grade there were some fellows of my class which were weak in studies and other activities. Every topper of my class tries to stay away from them which push them into the inferiority complex. I feel that its hurts them and hurts me as well as I was from one of the toppers. I didn’t think the behavior which was from my fellow’s side was right. I decided to be close to those girls. I gave importance to their thoughts, ideas and with amendment, I present it in the class and gave the all the credit to them. I started to spend my most of time with them. I listen whatever in their hearts which was cause of their hesitation and complex. I tried my best to take them out of it. Indeed I face many barriers from my fellows but I face it because I know that what is my inner voice and what makes me satisfied. I know that what I am doing is right but to fulfill it, is difficult task for me.
At last the happiness and confidence I saw in those girls after that it makes me feel at the top of the sky in the air, feeling that I get all the happiness of the world. I try to guide them according to the directions which I was applying for myself.
Simple is that no one was paying me for that help of them and for my time. But can we start thinking a little above from these differences. In the world, happiness is from one of those things which can’t be bought from anywhere. We cannot pay for getting a happy moment. Just try to be the one whom can hold the one who’s falling in darkness.

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