Tuesday, 17 January 2012


I cannot stop myself to stay away from you…..
I am crazy about you. I cannot live without you.  You are the reason of my life. I miss u a lot when you are far from me..Ohhhh you are my first love … I just want you to be with me always……

Yes I am talking about the love of you guys …. Coca cola …..
Some of us really crazy about coke…. Every one of us know that everything has its negatives and positives, advantages and disadvantages. So while using anything keep all the frames of picture in front of you.
In your life you can see people around you having coke. They are enjoying a lot with it. But just think for a moment when you know that the person in front of you is doing a wrong thing which is harmful for that one and the one is not ready to listening what you are saying. What you can do at that time!!!!
When a sensible person do that kind of deeds. It hurts a lot to your loved one’s.  so please my dear fellows just think about it and listen what I want to tell to you all because I really care for you all as my class fellows. Keep a side  your current mindset about coke and listen to my points….                          
4.  Destination / Objective Sentence:
So today I am here to convince you all , about its effects in our lives..
 To show you all the angels of the picture. So you all should better decide yourself the way you want to choose for you. On the basics of facts and realities…
Its only advantage is that it makes us  hyperactive at the time when we are tired and a lot of work is left behind for us to complete. Another can be it give us a good  taste and sence of  pleasure.nothing more than that…
Coca cola has many disadvantages and it is nothing more than a drink .some are…
 1. It is full of sugar
 2. It is full of calories and has too much caffeine and soda
 3. It contains phosphorous that is bad for teeth and bones
 4. It also contains caramel that is also bad for teeth
 5. It removes water from your body as it contains caffeine which is a diuretic
 6. It is also effective for nervous system as well as for brain function
7.The CARAMEL COLORINGS used are very harmful and a cause of cancer.
8.CAFFEINE, only to make the drink addictive and has many disadvantages.
9. Natural oils and flavors added in Pepsi contain ALCOHOL as a solvent.
 Our body has an optimum temperature of 37" for the functioning of digestive enzymes. The temperature of cold soft drinks is much less than 37, sometimes quite close to 0. This lowers the effectiveness of the enzymes and puts stress on our digestive system, digesting less food. In fact the food gets fermented. The fermented food produces bad smelling, gases, decays and forms toxins, which are absorbed in the intestines, get circulated in the blood and is delivered to the whole body. This spread of toxins can lead to the development of various diseases.
 There was a competition in Delhi University "who can drink the most coke?" The winner drank 8 bottles and died on the spot because of too much carbon dioxide in the blood and not enough oxygen.
 Someone put a broken tooth in a bottle of pepsi and in 10 days it got dissolved! Teeth and bones are the only human organ that stays intact for years after death.
The Coca-Cola ingredients are kept highly secret and apparently only a few people know the secret Coca-Cola recipe at any one time in the world. Though it is a fact that Coca-Cola contains an assortment of acids and chemicals that are strictly regulated. The original Coca-Cola recipe also contained traces of cocaine, which as you most likely know why cocaine is often known as "coke".
 Though I am sure if you saw all of the Coca-Cola ingredients and knew what they all were that you would be put of Coke for life. But most of them are kept secret and many of the ingredients on the can are disguised with long chemical names instead of their proper name. Coke is probably the unhealthiest fizzy drink on the market.

Though perhaps Coke should have a warning on it or photos of rotten teeth on the side of it. Because it isn't all smiles as the adverts portray…

If you compare the advantages and disadavantages of coca cola .you will find that
There are hardly 2 or three advantages ( which are temporary)  all other are disadvantages  which I already explain infront of you all.

The question at the end which everyone must have in their minds is that why I select coke as my topic of speech. As according to me in 21st century everyone is so fast we don’t have the time to think on these small things like advantages and disadvantages of coke. My main point was to tell all of you the harmful effects of coke which we can face after few months or sometime years of using coke… these effects are hidden and shown at the time when there is no treatment of it and we became helpless at that time…. I am alerting you all before that time comes… think about it!!!!
 HOW much you love yourself or you just want to waste your life for this useless coke!!!! Now its your turn to think and take a decision !!!