Saturday, 6 July 2013

My New Report .. Beat Personality

 A Legend
By fc College student

 A feel good interview! It's really nice to know about all that is good about Pakistan. So here I was, reveling in a "feel good" moment... when I reached at the office of dean of student affairs.  Mrs.Cheryl Burke, the ones who just not only help out students, but give them the spirit to live with disciplines and integrity. I hardly got an appointment with her as she was in preparation to go back to United States.

I asked her feeling about to know that she was going to Pakistan for the first time, she said that she was excited. When she heard that she is going to Pakistan, she was thinking positive about Pakistan, and she was definitely a bit nervous about the cultural differences as well.

When she came to Pakistan for the first time in April, it was hotter than in United States. She said “I was tired as it was my first travelling experience to any foreign country. It was overwhelming, but the people are loving. I did find fascinating things like donkey and bull carts, and worst traffic system”.

Dr. Armacost convinced her to come to FC College. Armacost’s daughter is her friend, she said that Dr. Armacost wanted to meet Mrs.Cheryl regarding  a job of ‘’Dean of Student’’ affairs. When Dr.Armacost had an extemporaneous with Mr.s Cheryl about Foram and the nature of the job , she was convinced and had no way to say no.

She answered a question related to the cultural differences that she faced here she said that, it was difficult for her to understand each and every thing at the very start, but there were some people who really helped her in adjusting to the society like Mrs.Shazia, and Mrs.Jeans Albert. They went with her to the tailor and told her how to explain everything regarding dressing. They also helped her a lot during shopping. She said “I did mistakes and learnt a lot from it like when I visited someone’s house; I had to take tea in any way”.

Her experience with people in Pakistan is very interesting for her. She said that almost it’s typical dealing with people. There is more to do in office constantly. She said “I had to be patient, and I get frustration when I’m not getting what should I and it’s really annoying to deal the students who try to tell lies to escape themselves”. And one thing very important about the parents of students is that when they visit her office, asking transcripts, and courses registration. She thinks that students of 20 years are enough mature and their parent should let them decide by themselves.

Working as a dean of students she is enjoying it. Most of the days it is good and she learns while working with faculty and students. “Sometimes it is more to do but overall it is good” she added.

According to Cheryle Berke there are a lot of things that she wish that could be improved. Better job of communication is one of the important things that she wants to be improved. Enforcing policy museum and election process for officers are some other important things that she thinks to be improved.

Living thousands of miles away from family is hard and challenging for her.  She visits her family twice a year. She said that she talks to her family daily via Facebook and Skype, but it is difficult to live far away from family. She ended up the interview by saying  that she is happy to be here and she is thanks full for that.

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