Saturday, 13 October 2012


Competition and Stealing of ideas began when the first phone was invented.
 Alexander Graham Bell stole Antonio Meucci’s design.
 In 2002 Meucci’s achievement was recognised but it is still not known by many and Bell continues to take credit.
 From the wired phone of Bell and Meucci it turned into a small portable device and in recent years a “Smartphone”.
 Phones today handle all the needs of the user. From calls to text messages and emails to web browsing.
 Apple and Samsung are two cell phone industry giants.
 Competing with Iphone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3.
 Marketing and promotion are in top gear, trying to prove that one is better than the other.
 With features evenly matched, the final decision is in the consumer’s hand, the one the majority picks turns out to be the best.
 Those who are too smart to compare the specifications, choose drop tests, the survivor becomes the “BEST” then.
 Apple has blamed Samsung of copying their ideas and designs but for a debate one may blame them both of copying the smartphones that ran on Windows Mobile or Symbian OS.
 The war between competitiors began with the invention of the phone and is still on.
 Only time will tell that who is the Antonio Meucci and who is the Graham Bell of today.

Its the article titled PHONE WARS by "Maheen Rashdi" in DAWN 30th September 2012.


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