Sunday, 30 September 2012

keEp chAnging...

people its so common that the paradime or mind set we have related to some thing , we think that is right ... but you know what with time and age that paradime and mind set unconciouly change into a better one... some times we dnt have a peoper info of something or we just see one side of the picture from one singal angle the other angels and sides are hide from our sight.. so u can say that with passage of time , we learn many things and keep updating our mind sets... but if u dnt do that then take it serious because u may have a trouble my fellows ... because the meaning of life is keep changing and on going process ... if it stucks at some place then am afraid that you will lose the meaning of life and you all knw very well that time never stops ... if its stop then remeber its other name of death..!!! 

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